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Teatowels.co.nz by Graphics on Shirts Ltd

Unique Fundraising Teatowels make excellent gifts and keepsakes, they are easy to mail domestically and overseas and are a perfect way for parents to show off their children’s artwork. School Teatowels are an excellent alternative to chocolates and other disposable fund raisers and are pretty handy for drying dishes as well! Great Returns School Teatowel […]

Heads Up for Kids

Copper trails, brass razoos and gold sovereigns are all part of the Lions Clubs of New Zealand’s unusual campaign Heads Up for Kids. Launched in July 2010, Heads Up for Kids is a unique collection which asks New Zealanders to dig out and donate old decimal and pre-decimal New Zealand currency, and all foreign money. […]

Ice-Land Group – “Keeping fundraising simple”

Ice-Land Group – “Keeping fundraising simple” When fundraising, we have learnt to keep things as simple and as hassle free as possible you will find we have gone a long way to perfecting this most effective way of fundraising. Ice-Land Group helps you to fundraising through sales of frozen food products. Our system is simple […]

Hell Pizza School Fundraising Lunches

Hell Pizza school fundraising lunches help local schools to raise much needed funds whilst providing a fun and nutritious meal for the children at a great price. We’ve been delivering school lunches to over 60 schools all around New Zealand since 2007, and have a great reputation amongst those we’ve dealt with so far, so […]

Fundraising ideas for Disco’s and Fairs

FUN WAYS TO FUNDRAISE WELCOME to the NZ home of the best glowsticks, glow toys and fundraising ideas! Fundraising Mish has been supplying glowstick and glowing products to schools, kindys, churches and non profit organisations for over 10 years. We supply 400+ schools throughout Aotearoa, Kindies, Clubs, Churches and many NPOs like The Oscar network, […]

Healthy Fundraising with de Brood Bakker’s

SELL BREAD – MAKE DOUGH! As we face a national epidemic addressing many health issues, including obesity, many schools, sports groups, and kindergartens are turning to healthy fundraising alternatives, which is why here at de Brood Bakker’s we are proud of our enormously successful healthy alternative to fundraising: Sell Bread, Make Dough! Whilst not limited […]

Marlow Pies

Welcome to Marlow Pies Ltd – FUNDRAISING MADE EASY!! We know how hard it is to decide which option is best for your fundraising needs. Marlow Pies are a proven choice for fundraising and are known and loved by many, meaning your organisation has to work less to make a profit …. For every 200g […]