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Hooked on Books

Reading is not something that suddenly happens at school. It starts at home and out in the world, where children’s mileage with language, alongside their experiences, supports their literacy development. KATE BARBER talks with primary-trained teacher and mum, MARCIA KASHIZUKA, about instilling the love of language and books in young children. Two, four, six or […]

Home & Dry

As a parent, the health of your family is paramount – and it all starts in the home. The energy experts at Smart Energy Solutions are doing their bit to ensure your family home is as healthy as it can be. The World Health Organization recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C, and ideally 21°C […]

Open Wide

From optimal cleaning practices, to prevention and treatment of decay, GRAHAME DUTTON of Duxton Dental takes us through the key points to caring for children’s teeth. Cleaning Healthy baby teeth not only look good, they help children eat well and are important for speech. The first baby teeth arrive when babies are as young as […]