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The bilingual brain

KATE BARBER talks with neuroscience educator NATHAN WALLIS about the profound impact that learning a second language has on the development of the brain. Of all the things our brain does, language is the most complex, according to neuroscientist Nathan Wallis. The brain requires cognitive structures to support the acquisition of language, and “the more […]

Why home school? Why not?

Josh I don’t think people choose to home school for just one reason – we certainly didn’t. First of all it ticked the lifestyle box for us – we’ve been very deliberate about creating a life of freedom and flexibility, which is reflected not just in our decision to home-school but also in my choice […]

Screen time: What you need to know

We have long been advised to limit TV and device use for preschoolers. New research, however, suggests it’s the nature of screen time rather than the amount that matters. By VICTORIA TAIT. We have heard time and again about the potential ramifications screens can have on children as they develop. Even at a very young age, […]

Early learning teachers change lives

Early Learning Centres can be overlooked as little more than a baby-sitting service, yet it’s an important opportunity to give your child the best possible start and prepare them for school. By MICHELA  HOMER, BESTSTART. Parents or whānau looking for early childhood care can be forgiven for being confused. The terms daycare and childcare can be misleading […]

Messy fun

Picking up handfuls of goo that squelch between their fingers, or walking through mud with bare feet that makes them giggle and smile are two beautifully messy things for little ones to do which are not only fun but also a great way to learn. Although your child will get messy, it’s well worth the […]

The simplicity of cloth nappies

Mother of two, HANNAH PORTER, looks at the advantages of ditching the disposables and opting for cloth nappies. When I had my first son we started using disposable nappies. They were brilliant, easy and I could grab a box at the supermarket. Like many families, however, I had a budget for my weekly groceries. That […]

Born at home

There are a lot of positives about having your baby in the comfort of your own surroundings, says RACHEL MCFEDRIES. If you’d asked me six years ago about home birthing then I would have laughed… no way! Isn’t that something that only hippies do? Yet here I am now, a proud mum of three, two […]

Diet and your child’s smile

Diet has more influence than you might think on oral health, especially in the formative years. GRAHAME DUTTON of Duxton Dental explains. Many parents don’t realise just how much a healthy diet can help the development of a child’s jawline and teeth. I have recently read The Dental Diet by Australian Dentist, Dr Steven Lin. […]