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9 questions with Jeff Clark

From crooning as Gary Starlight at Bread & Circus World Buskers Festival, to spinning yarns as The Story Vending Machine at KidsFest, this stay-at-home writer/performer dad juggles all his roles beautifully, writes KINETA BOOKER. What sort of dad are you? I’m probably a cross between stay-at-home-dad, funny dad, cringey dad, grumpy because-I-have-a-deadline dad, and (occasionally) […]

Comfort food

HELLERS has a delicious new range of winter soups to warm your family’s chills and keep colds at bay. It’s that time again! Time to rug up and brace for the winter weather ahead. The frosty, wet days of winter, cramped up together indoors, also mean it’s the flu and cold season. For a happier, […]

Perfect bread

Recipe by Rachael What you need 1kg high grade flour 15g yeast 15g salt 15g sugar 30ml oil 650ml warm water What to do Add all of the ingredients in the order they are listed above, to the bowl of a stand mixer. Mix, using the dough hook attachment on the ‘dough kneading’ setting, until […]

Sleep easy

If energy levels or moods are low, worries are high or if a good night’s sleep doesn’t come easy, SleepDrops provides support for the whole family. For a healthy, happy life, getting enough sleep and relaxation is vital – not just for parents, but for the whole family. However modern life places big demands on […]

Foster parenting

Foster parent KELLY EDEN discusses focusing on a child’s strengths rather than their difficulties to help build self esteem, and emotion coaching to enable them to better manage their feelings. When I became a foster mum a number of years ago, I quickly saw that parenting a child with a neglect or abuse background needed […]

I believe… in me!

Author SIUBHAN GREEN reveals that our children’s futures — their careers, relationships, every aspect of their lives — depend on their sense of self belief. So what can we do, from the get-go, to ensure we raise ours to believe in themselves? Nearly seven years ago, I embarked on a journey. I left an unhealthy […]

Give your life wings

Mum, blogger, HR professional and sufferer of postpartum mental illness, HANNAH HARDY-JONES created The Kite Program, a personal development app for women challenged by the pressures of mum life: from sleep to stress management, to relationships to mum guilt. There’s even an ‘on the go’ mindfulness button. “How hard can it really be?” “We are […]

Choice App

The electricity sector has a significant role to play when it comes to how we take those big, positive steps towards a more sustainable society. This is especially true when it comes to carbon emissions. While New Zealand has hit its stride with renewables – over 80 per cent of our electricity now comes from […]