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Pregnant? Why not try osteopathy?

Lower back pain and general muscular discomfort can all be features of pregnancy. So, why not try osteopathy to help with joint or ligamentous pain, writes ALIX RAMOUSSE – osteopath specialising in paeditrics and obstetrics at Halswell Road Clinic. With many discomforts and few solutions during this period, osteopathy proves to be a lifesaver for many, […]

Hee Haw with Mr Wonky Donkey

CRAIG SMITH, author of the runaway best-seller The Wonky Donkey, chats with KINETA BOOKER about life as a parent in Queenstown while being an internationally-acclaimed musician. You wrote Wonky Donkey long before you were a parent. What inspired you to get into kids music? I was a full-time musician. Then I would get stuck inside […]

Bolognese four ways

“This recipe has been a lifesaver for our family. As a time-poor mum of three kids under four, I always turn to this recipe to get vegetables secretly into their tummies, while ensuring we don’t end up with the same meal every night. It’s taken me a while to perfect, but now it’s quick and […]

Positive sleep tips for bedtime anxiety

According to new research from Signify, a whopping 83 per cent of New Zealand children are suffering from bedtime anxiety and sleeping issues. Clinical psychologist and behaviour expert, JAIMIE BLOCH, shares some advice for parents. We all know how important sleep is and how it’s difficult to function when you haven’t had enough, so how […]

It’s all about the getaway

Base yourself at The Portage, a THC Group hotel, and experience a little taste of everything Marlborough has to offer. The Portage is the perfect year-round destination for families or couples to enjoy the outdoors and get away. Whether you want to explore nature, enjoy a winery tour in Picton, cruise the Marlborough Sounds, walk […]

Bully prevention for all ages

VICKI EDWARDS-BROWN, mum of two teens and founder of Be The Change NZ – a charity that helps prevent bullying — looks at what we can do to support our children in the face of this unwanted behaviour. “Mummy, Noah is bullying me!” But is he really being a bully? The word ‘bully’ is used […]

Exploring Robotics

Robotics provide an opportunity for both boys and girls to engage with maths and science in a way they’ll love! KELLY EDEN takes a closer look at how to get them started. What do we mean by ‘robotics’? Robotics mixes science, mechanics, and engineering to create machines that can copy human actions. Once limited to […]

New tech career in less than a year

Teo had always been attracted to a career in tech but as a busy working mum, never thought she would have enough time to try it. The fact that SHIFT offered school-friendly hours and a mix of practical learning and industry project work, to develop current tech skills and gain valuable industry experience, played a […]