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Bigger and better

Timezone Riccarton has taken a Mario-sized jump into a brand new 2,200 sqm venue, three times larger than the previous location, just a few doors down on Rotherham Street.  The original Riccarton Mall Timezone location has been creating family fun for 14 years and is now better than ever with its brand-new state-of-the-art venue.  A […]

Period talk – right first time

If you think back to your first period chat, do you remember it as a positive experience or was it cringe-worthy and embarrassing? Here SUSAN JOHNS from Lunette shares her top tips for making these crucial conversations with your tween a success. WHEN SHOULD I START TALKING TO MY TWEEN ABOUT PERIODS? If your tween has […]

The St Andrew’s difference

The vibrant co-educational learning environment for students in Years 1–3 at the St Andrew’s College Preparatory School, and adjacent Pre-school, provides an engaging, innovative, and above all happy experience for children in their early years of learning. Head of the junior department, Heather Orman, says flexibility is a vital aspect of the teaching environment, with […]

Helping kids get school-ready

Early learning leader BestStart writes about helping your child transition more easily into school. Your child experiences a sense of accomplishment and confidence when they learn to do things themselves. The more you encourage them to learn new skills, the better they will cope with a new environment. There are some skills that children need […]

A window to your child’s health

The mouth can tell a story when it comes to overall health, and GRAHAME DUTTON and the Duxton Dental team keep this in mind when examining your child’s teeth. When Duxton Dental performs an orthodontic assessment, they are not only looking for obvious signs, such as crowding and poorly positioned teeth, but also checking for […]

More play at primary school

KATE BARBER talks with neuroscience educator NATHAN WALLIS about bringing our primary school curriculum into line with the research. According to Nathan, New Zealand’s schooling system is setting up many younger students to feel bad about themselves as learners because their developing brains aren’t ready for the kind of cognitive exertion expected of them. Nathan is […]

Between school and home

Care after school should be safe, structured, stimulating and socially enriching. And fun too! Driven by this conviction, CRAIG FORTUNE founded My After School Headquarters. At MASH, we understand children’s needs and developmental stages; we understand that children need routines and boundaries; and the importance of establishing trusting, respectful relationships. Our professional, dedicated staff members […]

Sleep baby, sleep

Leading baby care and sleep consultant, DOROTHY WAIDE, has recently released a follow-up to her bestselling book You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn. Family Times editor, ANNA SCAIFE, caught up with Dorothy to talk about her new book, Simply Parenting, From 12 weeks to 12 months. With over 30 years’ experience in post-partum care and […]