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Trick of the light

A favourite interactive display at Otago Museum’s Science Centre is Light Island, where you can play with colours and light to reflect it and refract it. This very cool experiment with light looks like an amazing magic trick! We are going to use light refraction in a simple experiment with a big ‘wow’ factor.  WHAT […]

Putting play first

Playcentre is a parent cooperative that offers parents and caregivers the opportunity to be involved with their child’s learning.  At Playcentre, adults play alongside their children. A child-centred programme based on your child’s fascinations, strengths, and interests allows you to encourage children as they interact with others. You will meet other parents and educators and […]

Easy on you, easy on the planet

Brolly sheets is here to take the hassle out of those night-time bedding changes. Need to get you and your child back to sleep faster? With a soft, comfy 100% cotton top and a breathable, waterproof back, it only takes seconds to replace when wet. Just place on top of your bottom sheet, tuck in […]

Breathe easy

This new family home from HEALTH BASED BUILDING puts the importance of creating a healthy living environment in the spotlight. Showcasing the benefits of high indoor air quality standards for better respiratory health, the Health Based Building show home is a fully functional, educational space that demonstrates what can be done to support sustainable development and […]

Show us your pearly whites

Hints from DUXTON DENTAL on what parents should look out for with their children’s teeth. Children should be seeing a dentist or school dental nurse regularly for dental care, but sometimes it’s you, the parents, who first notice something is not quite right with your child’s teeth. Here are some things that you could look out […]

Mum-guilt: 10 tips to tear down its hold on you

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Sometimes you just want to run a mile. And that’s okay. But for many parents, these thoughts are quickly followed by guilt. DR KIRSTEN WOOFF from Resilience Psychology explores how we can overcome the remorse. Sure, some guilt can be informative and constructive – […]

Raising great eaters

Registered nutritionist HELEN POTTER urges parents to rethink their approach to feeding their “picky” eaters. By KATE BARBER. In a world where decisions are largely made for them, children exercise agency through food, says Helen. “The more coercion we use, the more they are likely to react against it. There is a danger, too, that when […]

Career talks with teens – setting the scene

Many parents will be familiar with the challenges of communicating effectively with teenagers. Here NATHAN WALLIS sheds light on how to set the scene for a constructive chat about the future. When your children reach their teens, you’ll need to help them start to make decisions about careers and a plan for the future. To communicate […]