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Face time and the problem with masks and phones

Miriam Mccaleb says that issues around face coverings highlight a greater problem for this generation of babies – our use of smartphones. By Kate Barber Miriam McCaleb cannot emphasise enough the importance of a baby’s attachment to their mother. Wholly dependent on her to meet their needs in order to survive, “for a baby, attaching […]

Early learning in New Zealand

With a wide range of early learning services available, it’s important to know your options and choose the best fit for your child and family.  Your Options In New Zealand, the options are many – with teacher-led services, like kindergartens and preschools, along with parent-led ones such as Playcentre and playgroups, and whānau-led services such […]

The beginner’s guide to family caravanning

The day we realised our very old and very orange 1970s pop-top caravan had been stolen, something dropped inside of us. Even though it was far too small for our long-limbed family of five, losing the possibility of going camping really hurt. By Sonia Speedy We immediately started the hunt to replace it. But in […]

The one question that helps keep kids in sport

Many teenagers are giving up on sport, just when they need most the physical, social and mental health benefits that sport offers them. Kelly Curr, Sport Development Consultant with Sport NZ, says that by regularly asking your child why they play, you can help keep them in the game. By Kate Barber Intuitively, we know […]

Learning at home with the McLean family

Our editor Kate Barber talks with Mum Julia McLean about their decision to homeschool their two eldest children and how the experience has been for the family. The number of families taking their children out of mainstream schooling to learn at home is on the rise. Todd Roughton from Home Schooling NZ says that pre-Covid, […]

On the move

The prospect of buying and selling in this market can be scary, but enlisting the support of an experienced mortgage adviser who really ‘gets it’ can remove all the uncertainty. As our circumstances change, we find ourselves needing or wanting to move: to set up our first family home, upsize or shift locations – perhaps […]

Free Wheeling

For free family fun in the fresh air, bike trips are the best! But how to cater to the smallest members of the team and make it fun for everyone? Keen biking dad Eamonn Lowe explains the options and shares his tips for family adventures on wheels. Options for young ones When a walk is […]

Uplifting family fun

The Christchurch Adventure Park (CAP) is great for those seeking to hone their skills on the bike or enjoy the thrills of zip-lining while also providing fun challenges for the younger members of the family.  Mountain biking supports youngsters to grow an appreciation of nature along with a spirit of adventure. CAP provides biking adventures […]