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A rewarding journey with Hato Hone St John

“I have had many experiences I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I’ve got friends in heaps of places – kids I would never normally meet.” – Cadet

From first aid and friendships to life skills and leadership, the St John Youth Programme offers a raft of support and education for young Kiwis.

Hato Hone St John is proud to support thousands of young New Zealanders, aged 5 to 18, to build on their strengths and reach their potential. While supporting their knowledge and skills in health and first aid, the programme boosts confidence, supports health and wellbeing (hauora) and grows friendships. 

Offering a safe, social, and fun space, young people meet weekly at their local division during school term and work through different awards: the Super Penguin Award (ages 5-8) or the Grand Prior’s Award (ages 9-18). 

Outside the activities in a division, there are other opportunities to meet new people, learn new things and have loads of fun – with camps, workshops, social functions and many more events held annually. 

For those seeking to continue through and beyond the programme, there is a clear pathway. Having found a meaningful and enjoyable endeavour and established lasting friendships, many young people remain with Hato Hone St John beyond 18 years old in leadership roles – their involvement turning into a passion for helping others. 

As an extra-curricular activity or interest, it ticks all the boxes – growing skills and knowledge, strengths, and relationships. The bonus is that the journey with Hato Hone St John is fun and rewarding. 

Operating in Aotearoa since 1927, with 147 divisions across the country, the St John Youth Programme has a strong legacy of supporting young Kiwis. Hato Hone St John welcomes people to get in touch and find out more about the programme.


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