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GRAHAME DUTTON of Duxton Dental considers the advantages of having a great smile, and the costly implications of not correcting crooked teeth.

We all know that having a bright smile, with straight white teeth, is an incredible asset when it comes to our appearance. For our children, the advantages are far-reaching – boosting their self-confidence and, as a result, impacting positively on their relationships and their future success.

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We also know that orthodontic treatment can be expensive. But what about the cost of not having our child’s crooked teeth corrected?

At Duxton Dental we frequently see adults who wish that they had had their teeth straightened out when they were kids. Aside from missing out on having a straight, bright smile in their youth, they often also need treatment for tooth wear and gum disease, after years of having teeth in the wrong place.

Crooked teeth are vulnerable teeth. Even something as simple as swallowing, which brings your teeth together, can cause wear because crooked teeth don’t mesh together properly. For those adults who grind their crooked teeth, the wear can be severe – and, not surprisingly, difficult and expensive to fix. In addition, poorly aligned teeth collect more plaque as they are harder to keep clean and this in turn increases the risk of gum disease.

Added to tooth wear and gum issues, teeth that poke out are at an increased risk of trauma, regardless of a person’s age, potentially resulting in fracture or loss of front teeth. Often avoidable, these dental injuries are costly to treat, and not at all pleasant to experience.

As part of a thorough orthodontic discussion, it is wise to keep in mind the lasting benefits of a bright smile, as well as the risks and costs of not having treatment.

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Grahame Dutton and wife Christine Duxbury established Duxton Dental in 1996. The couple have four children, and know well the value of a great smile and the importance of protecting youngsters’ teeth. As dental surgeons, they have an avowed commitment to researching and implementing new technologies and techniques in order to provide optimal dental care that is minimally invasive and that will stand the test of time.

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