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This new family home from HEALTH BASED BUILDING puts the importance of creating a healthy living environment in the spotlight.

Showcasing the benefits of high indoor air quality standards for better respiratory health, the Health Based Building show home is a fully functional, educational space that demonstrates what can be done to support sustainable development and human health.

The unique Foreverbreathe specification brings a combination of high-performance vapour permeable building materials together to ensure the built environment is designed to migrate moisture away from the indoor space, with minimum energy use and minimal energy loss. Sticking to the aims of sustainable development ensures these materials don’t contain harmful chemicals or release harmful chemicals. Both of which can impact indoor air quality and the environment.

Health Based Building co-founder, Robin Curtis, says, “Built environments are major contributors to human health impacts and our environment. The Foreverbreathe specification is proving New Zealand is leading the world in the perfection of air quality within built environments.”

The modest footprint contains a multi-purpose space that allows the occupants to adjust to life and change over time. The addition of a mezzanine level, which would otherwise be an under-utilised roof void, provides the space for an office, playroom, or guest bedroom, as and when required.

Each material selection in the Foreverbreathe Specification was made from the Health Based Building Foreverbreathe range. Products were carefully chosen to ensure reduced chemicals, sustainable materials and high performance.

The Foreverbreathe wall system is a hygroscopic system that diffuses indoor moisture through the wall layers and into wool insulation which has a unique ability to evaporate moisture via warm air entrapment in the fibres. Components of the system are Magnum Board for a rigid air barrier, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) wall framing, Terra Lana’s wool insulation, Magnum Board interior wall lining, and a Foreverbreathe plaster and paint finish. These materials work together to naturally manage indoor humidity for health and comfort, and filter toxins for health while tightening up on air leakage. This saves on energy bills for heating and cooling. What’s more, the building materials used are more sustainable than options currently widely used within the building industry.

The goal of the newly opened demonstration home is for people to experience a fully monitored toxin-free environment first-hand. To experience the clean air for yourself, visit the newly opened demonstration home at 1062 Colombo Street, Edgeware, Christchurch.


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