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KALEB DOCKERILL was introduced to freshwater fishing by his dad ANDY at a young age, and he has been a big fan ever since. We chatted to Kaleb about what he likes about his outdoorsy hobby.

How did you get into freshwater fishing?
I have always liked fish and things that live in both freshwater and the sea. I love seeing the world they live in. I used to watch fishing shows with my dad, and he took me fishing as well. Often we would go fishing in the Christmas holidays.

What do you like most about it? I like being outdoors and watching the fish. I also like the thrill of the fight when you get a fish on.

Where is your favourite spot in Canterbury to fish?
Lake Lyndon.

Editor’s note: See below. Lake Lyndon has a thriving trout population, and kids have a good chance of catching (or at least seeing) a fish.

What’s the best fish you’ve ever caught?
A rainbow trout.

Fact: The rainbow trout was introduced from North America. It is common in rivers and lakes but not as widespread as brown trout.

Do you have any funny stories or mishaps that have happened when you were fishing?
I was fishing in Kaiapoi with Dad and a duck grabbed the bait and the hook and took off into the water. Dad had to race into the lake to get the rod back. 

Do you have any tips for other kids?
When you’re fishing you need to make sure to stay quiet and not move around too much.
Be patient.


Groynes Lakes A great starting spot, the Groynes Lakes are stocked with fish and only under 17s can fish there. A nice handy location to have a first go at trout fishing.

Waimakariri River You can catch brown trout and occasionally salmon from October to February between SH1 bridge and the Stewart’s Gully yacht club.

Lake Lyndon You can get to Lake Lyndon from Lake Coleridge off SH73. There are good numbers of brown and rainbow trout in the lake.

Kaiapoi River Another accessible option for taking the family, and the bonus is there are good runs of salmon that can be caught on bait.

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