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Chocolate Coconut Pineapple Pops

Get the kids to help make this simple recipe from the stunning book Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2. These pineapple pops are sure to be a hit with the little ones – and maybe a few bigger ones too!


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½ fresh pineapple

100g cooking chocolate

½ cup shredded coconut, toasted


1. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

2. Take the outer edges off the pineapple and slice into 1 cm slices, and then into triangles (best done by an adult). Place an ice block stick into each pineapple triangle.

3. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring between each interval until the chocolate is melted and smooth.

4. Dip each pineapple triangle halfway into the melted chocolate and place on the prepared baking tray.

5. Sprinkle with the toasted coconut.

6. Place in the fridge to set.

Extracted from Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2 by Sue Heazlewood, $49.95, available from tangleby.co.nz

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