Healthy Fundraising with de Brood Bakker’s


As we face a national epidemic addressing many health issues, including obesity, many schools, sports groups, and kindergartens are turning to healthy fundraising alternatives, which is why here at de Brood Bakker’s we are proud of our enormously successful healthy alternative to fundraising: Sell Bread, Make Dough!

Whilst not limited to just youngsters, we have based much of our research on our captive audiences of kindergartens, pre-schools, toy libraries, schools and sports groups. This research clearly demonstrates that good nutrition is linked to better behaviour, academic and physical performance, and we believe it’s essential for these groups to provide an environment that supports healthy behaviours, yet we still find many supporting fundraisers of a less healthy nature.



Here at de Brood Bakker’s we were keen to promote a move towards healthier fundraising, and so a few years ago started providing bread at wholesale cost, to a number of toy libraries, kindergartens and schools across the country. The results were quite outstanding, and our fundraisers have now grown to include many new groups and individuals, where our delicious range of part baked breads are sold – A practical and profitable result for everyone!

We know that identifying and initiating new fundraising strategies can sometimes be a challenge, so to make life that little bit easier for you, we have built upon our experience here at de Brood Bakker’s, and put together a handy fundraising pack which you can download for your convenience. We welcome you to contact us with your exact requirements, so that we can also help guide you with your great cause, and make it a fundraiser to be proud of!

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