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As a parent, the health of your family is paramount – and it all starts in the home. The energy experts at Smart Energy Solutions are doing their bit to ensure your family home is as healthy as it can be.

The World Health Organization recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C, and ideally 21°C if babies or elderly people live in the house. The long and the short of it: if your home is cold and damp, it’s not healthy. Quality insulation, heating and ventilation make a world of difference: creating a more healthy and comfortable home year round, and offering potential savings on your power bills.

Smart Energy Solutions is your one-stop-shop for home energy efficiency, and will visit your home or rental, provide a no-obligation quote and let you know of any subsidies or finance options available including:

  • 50% insulation subsidies for eligible homes built pre-2000*
  • which councils let you put the costs of insulation and/or heating on your rates*
  • which banks allow you to put the costs on your mortgage*And, if you have a rental property, they can also provide an Insulation Statement and ensure your insulation and smoke alarms comply with the new Residential Tenancies Act.

smartenergysolutions.co.nz  /  0800 888 766
*Conditions apply. See our website for details.

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