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As we move into the cooler months, there are plenty of vacancies in this newly-built bug hotel. Made by KINETA BOOKER.

If your children are anything like mine, they are obsessed with bugs. Big ones, little ones, and the downright terrifying ones.

Despite my daily mock protest about not going on the trampoline with my son, because the spiders seem to run and launch themselves straight at me, I took one for the team and built a hotel for the creepy crawlies for his amusement. Actually, I was smart about it and created this at my parents’ property so all their grandchildren could enjoy. That’s what I told them, anyway.

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Building a bug hotel couldn’t be easier, and its returns are huge. These hotels not only draw bug-loving children but also essential beneficial insects to your garden.

Bugs will naturally find homes under leaves, bark and pretty much anything else, so why not create them a nice comfy space.

It took me just a couple of minutes of searching around my parent’s property to find everything I needed:

  • fallen leaves
  • straw
  • sticks and twigs
  • pine cones
  • bark
  • empty crate to build the layers in

It’s a fun activity for the family to create, and even more fun when they start to see the bugs who check in to the hotel over the next few weeks and months.

Building a bug hotel couldn’t be easier, and its returns are huge.

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