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Kids’ summer birthday party ideas

kids-summer-birthday-party-ideasSpring and summer are great times to have a child’s birthday party. With all that sunshine, keeping kids (and party mess) outdoors is a no-brainer.

Outdoor parties offer a raft of new possibilities. We’ve put together a few summer sizzling kids’ party ideas to get the creative ball rolling.

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Colour run
Colour runs are all the rage right now, so why not bring that neon fun to your backyard?
Yes, it’s a hot rainbow mess, but your kids will have the party of a lifetime.

Things to remember:

•    Specify on invitations that you will be using colour powder.

•    Ask kids to come wearing white t-shirts and any shorts that they don’t mind getting colour on. The colours show best on white t-shirts, and although it should come out in the wash, it’s best not to take chances on new clothes and shoes.

•    Make sure parents know that when they collect their kids in the car that they will need an old sheet for them to sit on. Rainbows are cool, but not on your car’s interior.

•    Go for a colourful theme with your decorations and food. A variety of colourful balloons and a rainbow cake should do the trick.

•    Make your own colour powder: it’s essentially just corn starch and food dye. A quick online search will give you the recipe and instructions.

•    When it’s time for the party to start, give each child a bag of colour and let the games begin!

Movie under the stars

There’s something special about movie drive-ins or movies playing in the park for all the public. Why not bring that magic to your backyard?

A movie party, coupled with an outdoor picnic, is a fun, cost-effective and easily organised birthday treat with a touch of old-fashioned nostalgia. You can play that up by hanging up some bunting and string lights, placing candleholders with tealight candles around the picnic area and your choice of birthday snacks.

•    Make sure that you have blankets on hand for the kids to rug up if it gets a bit cold.
•    Safety first – whether you are setting up your own television or a projector outside, ensure that you check off any cabling dangers.
•    Watch the weather: bring the party inside at the first sign of rain.

Ice cream parlour

Setting up your own ice-cream bar is a novel summer kids’ party, and another great outdoors adventure.

Sprinkles, toppings and a myriad of flavours will make this party a big success. It’s up to you how far you take the theme: you can create your own old fashioned ice-cream booth, hang up bunting and other outdoors decorations, and even make your own ice-cream if you are so inclined. Ask the kids to RSVP with an ice-cream flavour of their choice, then let them go wild mixing and matching.

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