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Make the move

Once the hard stuff has been completed, with writing the contract and getting dates sorted, your next thought will likely be about the kids and how they are going to cope with a house move. Here are some helpful hints from Total Realty owner and mother of four, RACHAEL CONE.

+ Discuss the move with your kids. Make sure they know what is happening, and when.

+ Involve your children: Take them to open homes. Ask them which room they like best and if they approve of the house. They may get more excited than you about moving. If they do, you have won half the battle!

+ Books: Find books about moving and read them with your children.

+ Draw: Get your children to draw pictures of their new home – inspire their enthusiasm and imagination.

+ Pack early: Pack away non-essential items as early as possible, which can include extra linen, blankets, and toys.

+ Name the boxes: Let your children name / decorate their own boxes.

+ Older children can help pack their own items and assist with taping boxes and naming then too – give them responsibility. How about using different coloured masking tape for each child, so they recognise their own boxes quickly at the other end!

+ Things to do list: Write a list of what needs to be done and check who wants which jobs on the ‘to do’ list. You could consider having a reward beside the job once completed.

+ Cleaning: Leave the house as clean as you can, but don’t wait till the last day of the move – it’s unlikely you’ll have time to do a full spring clean on moving day. Start cleaning areas before the move – walls, ceilings, surfaces, windows, and skirting boards. This way the cleaning on the day will be quick and relatively painless.

+ Garage Sale: This is a great way to get rid of any extra items you no longer need while making a fun family activity of it! If you don’t have time for this, consider donating to Aviva / Women’s Refuge and Salvation Army. Buying and selling on Facebook is another great option too.

+ Help: Always accept any offers of assistance and do ask for help. If you are lucky enough to have family or friends nearby, organise assistance on moving day. Alternatively make sure you have activities to keep your young ones entertained, with breakfast, lunch and nibbles and water bottles full. Consider emptying a room and making this the playroom for the younger ones. You could even put up a temporary gate, especially if there are a lot of vehicles going in and out of the property moving furniture.

+ Party: Before moving day, have a ‘Goodbye Party’! If you are moving within the area, have a party with the kids to celebrate the good times and if you are moving out of town, have a party with friends and family at your place, the local park or a club. A chance to say goodbye is really important and not just for the kids. A lovely opportunity to see everyone one last time and especially for the child that is finding it hard to leave.

Remember that although moving can be stressful, with Total Realty’s lower commission rate, you will have additional savings to spend on the things that are most important to you and your family. This could be moving expenses, setting up utilities, buying something special for the family or going on a holiday when you have finally moved and settled in.

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