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Mom life’ with Anika Moa

In the spotlight this issue with KINETA BOOKER is New Zealand recording artist, radio and television presenter, and mother of four, ANIKA MOA, who has just released her much-anticipated third children’s album, Songs for Bubbas Vol.3.

What surprised you most when you became a parent?
Haha! How fast my money disappeared! I am surprised at how much softer I am as a parent. I cry lots more and love my kids so much it hurts.

How different are you now from before you had children?
I have changed so much – I make every single second count because life is so short and kids take up a lot of my time. So I try my best to be calm, stress-free and soak up my kids and be attentive to their needs. Being stress-free is about 50 per cent success rate. Lol!

Your top parenting tip?
Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Always think about what you need for the week and then prepare for it. You don’t wanna be caught off guard, fellow parents!

Favourite family tradition?
Movies on a Friday night with all the kids snuggled up on the couch with popcorn, wine in hand for the mummies. That, to me, is absolute bliss.

What sort of mum are you?
Our kids are lucky ‘cos they have two mums, so we share every element of our children and their upbringing. I love to sing to them, dance with them and take them on amazing adventures and on tour sometimes too. We both also work a lot, so our work-mom-life-balance is crazy and thems the breaks!

The thing you enjoy most in everyday life with your family?
I enjoy watching my kids play and get on instead of fighting and screaming at each other lol lol lol. I love travelling with my kids. I love watching them grow and enjoy their lives. I love seeing them learn te reo Māori and growing into healthy great kids.

This wild ride has a dollop of monsters, lashings of te reo Māori and the Witch of Maketu makes an evil comeback as she tries her hardest to catch the frightened little girl with the help of her newest creation: an OGRE!

In gentler times on the album, Anika covers her favourite waiata, I Can See Clearly Now and Purea Ne’i by the late, great songwriter Hirini Melbourne.

Your tamariki will be taken out of this world and into a land of crazy fun, frights, full-on frantic furore and they will be falling falling falling deep into peaceful slumbers as the lullabies kick in. So snuggle up with your child, chuck the tunes on and know Aunty Neeks will take care of the rest!


Songs For Bubbas Vol. 3, by Anika Moa, out now! $20

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