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Off to the best start

South Island families can expect a wider and better choice of early learning centres soon. Award-winning early learning provider, BestStart, is opening six new centres, mainly in Christchurch, in the next seven months.

“We’re very excited for South Island families,” says Fiona Hughes, Deputy Chief Executive of BestStart. “We’re here to make a positive difference for children. BestStart is a well-known, quality-driven organisation. We’re New Zealand-owned and have helped raise thousands of caring, curious Kiwi children for over 24 years.”

Currently, BestStart has architecturally designed centres nearing completion in Halswell Junction and Riccarton Park. Later in the year, three more new, innovative centres will open in Ferry Road, Lincoln, and Huntsbury. In 2021, BestStart will open a centre to serve central Christchurch.

“We also have plans to open a superb new centre for families in Timaru,” adds Fiona.

“Each centre is unique and engaged in its community,” says Fiona. By being part of a larger organisation, BestStart has ‘extremely high’ internal standards. “Because of that, parents rate our service very highly.” 

So how do parents know, when looking for a centre, how to choose a great one?

“You’ll ‘feel’ it when you walk in”, says Fiona. “Teachers will be engaging and talking respectfully to children, including your child. Ask yourself, do the other children look happy and engaged? Find out about the centre’s philosophy and values.”

BestStart was voted the Most Trusted Childcare Centre in 2020.  


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