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After-school and holiday fun

Parenting is a balancing act, and after-school and holiday care is possibly the trickiest juggling act for any working family. Thankfully there are reputable organisations such as MASH to look after our children when we need it.

MASH, which stands for My After School Headquarters, has various locations throughout the South Island, with lots of different programmes for children to enjoy. And the great thing is, it can be just one hour of after-school care, or right up until 6pm.

MASH founder and director Craig Fortune and his team view the end of each school day as a fantastic opportunity for kids to have fun. 

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“Children who have spent hours in a classroom need a meaningful transition from school to after school – that’s why we make sure after school doesn’t feel like they’re back in class,” says Craig.

MASH programmes aren’t babysitting services, but they do provide professional, well-planned and value-added childcare environments where tamariki are safe, have a great deal of fun and have an opportunity to engage in new and varied experiences.  

The superhero teachers at MASH are passionate about making a positive difference in children’s lives and pride themselves on providing the best possible environments for tamariki.  

When it comes to school holidays, after ten long weeks in the classroom, every child deserves a cool holiday experience, such as those offered at MASH. Movies, baking, climbing, dancing, jumping, sport – they’ve got it all. 

The holiday programmes are a time to recognise that kids need a break away from the structure of school, and it’s a great time for them to be exposed to new and exciting experiences. MASH holiday programmes offer three structured activities per day (morning, afternoon and 3-6pm), so there is plenty to keep your child busy, stimulated and smiling.

Every child needs a superhero in their life and, let’s be honest, the best superheroes are us; their mums, dads and caregivers. Unfortunately, though, us superheroes can’t be there all of the time, so let MASH superheroes take over when you can’t be there.


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