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How to choose a good app for your child

If it feels like the world of apps is overwhelming, that’s because it is! Increasingly, many kids have personal devices like smart phones and tablets. There are hundreds of apps available for everything from education to communication, games, even road trips – the challenge for parents is knowing how to choose the right app for […]

A guide to kids’ educational apps

Are your kids really learning, or just playing games? Plenty of app designers pedal their wares as educational apps in order to access the golden family market. After all, parents are more willing to pay for apps that make their kids smarter than they are for mind-numbing game apps. But not every app that purports […]

Parental control apps/software for smart phones

Android phones Vodafone Guardian Vodafone Guardian is a free Android app for mobile customers that lets you decide who can call or text message your child, when they can use their phone and whether they can browse the web, download apps or use the camera. You can set the phone to only accept calls from […]