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Crenshaw By Katherine Applegate Harper Collins $16.99 Crenshaw is a giant cat who wears a baseball cap and takes bubble baths. But the only person who can see him is 10-year-old Jackson, and maybe his dog Aretha. Jackson’s family is going through hard times; they’ve been homeless before and maybe it’s going to happen again. […]

The Bold Ship Phenomenal

The Bold Ship Phenomenal By Sarah Johnson Illustrations Deborah Hinde Flat Bed Press, $20 Life is dull for Malachi (11) after his mother’s death: Dad just stays at home being boring. Things change after Malachi finds a ship in a bottle. News about an eco-protest prompts Malachi to see for himself, stowing away on a […]

From the Cutting Room of Barney Kettle

By Kate De Goldi Longacre Paperback $30 From the Cutting Room of Barney Kettle: Barney (13) and his younger sister Ren love to make movies. Barney is the creative genius and Ren the organising list-maker. Their new project tells the story of the street where they live, documentary style. The cast are their quirky assortment […]

The Prankster and the Ghost

By R L Stedman Waverley Productions Paperback $21.99 The Prankster and the Ghost: If you like practical jokes, you will probably enjoy this story. There is sadness too – Tayla’s family is in an accident: his father is killed, and mother unconscious. Tayla finds himself looking down on his damaged body and goes on a […]


By Kim Slater Macmillan Paperback $18 Kieran is a strange boy who narrates his story as he bravely tries to solve the many mysteries in his life, starting with a local crime – a homeless man dead in the river. He keeps a special sketchbook where he takes notes and draws the various scenes and […]