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Look after your family and read those labels

Babies and toddlers have a thirst for exploration that knows no bounds. Keeping them safe at home may, at first glance, seem relatively simple, but hidden dangers may be lurking among the household products you use every day. This simple guide will help keep you and your family safe. Detergents, fuels, bathroom sprays, garden sprays, […]

Stranger danger

The words “ stranger danger ” tend to conjure up one thing in our mind – abduction prevention. It’s a cute phrase that even rhymes, so it’s easy to get kids to remember it. But is it the best way to teach kids about the risks out there? Experts are more and more saying no, […]

Keep Your Tweens Safe Online

What are your children doing online? It is a question that concerns many parents. After all, it’s a worry to think that our children may know more about blogging, social networking sites and even online gaming than we do. What is my child doing online? Survey after survey suggest that very few parents are fully […]

Summer safety holiday tips

Kiwi families enjoy nothing better than the great Kiwi road trip. In New Zealand we are spoilt for choice of holiday destinations, with an array of sparkling waterways, lush forests, and sandy beaches at our doorstep. Wherever you and your family choose to go adventuring this summer, read these simple tips for keeping safe: Sun […]