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Teeth and tech

GRAHAME DUTTON, from Duxton Dental, takes a look at some of the advances in dental care over the last 20 years.

At Duxton Dental we have been looking after children’s, teens’ and adults’ teeth for more than twenty years, in fact, I’m off to my thirty-year reunion in Dunedin in a couple of months.

We have invested heavily over that time in education and technology, to allow us to best care for our dental community.

We have utilised digital X-rays and jaw scans, sandblasters for micro-abrasion and fillings, as well as electronic injections using the revolutionary ‘Wand’ with single-tooth numbing. We have complemented our clinical work with ozone to kill decay, Carifree anti-decay mouthwashes, BLIS probiotics for gum disease, bad breath and decay in children’s teeth. Lasers are routinely used for decay detection and the treatment of soft tissue issues.

More recently our advances have been in 3D-printing and uber-accurate dental scanners which have allowed us to expand from standard metal braces to Invisalign invisible braces for arch development and tooth movement in children and teens.

We are excited to now offer Dental Monitoring — an app you use on your smartphone to follow your progress during orthodontic treatment.

The software, which uses AI (artificial intelligence), allows you to scan your mouth at home to determine what has changed since your last scan. This helps significantly in checking that your treatment is tracking correctly, by picking up immediately if there is a problem or whether you are ready to go onto the next step. It also checks one hundred other parameters such as cleaning, broken teeth and disease processes.

One of the great things is that we can monitor progress from a distance. This is fantastic as a number of our patients are from out of town, and the app can reduce the number of visits to Duxton Dental, as we track you remotely.

So, if you want to come and see our latest technological addition, make an appointment for a free orthodontic consultation — we recommend a first assessment as early as 7-8 years old.

03 348 5488 / duxtondental.co.nz

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