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Comment from a parent…

Reading Family Times magazineSince my boy was two and a half or three, he has been obsessed with the family times magazine.

Some children carry round stones or favourite teddies or match box toys, My boy carried the family times magazine for a while. His preschool teacher even featured it in his profile book as his favourite activity. After he has ‘read’ it cover to cover, he then cuts out his favourite adverts or stories and sticks them in another book.

He can spot it a mile off and gets excited about the new one for him.

He actually believes it was written for him – as it has his favourite places like Willowbank, the Antarctic Centre, Court Theatre, The movie theatres, and pictures of kids having fun.

We had to limit how many Family Times magazines he took home from preschool – but then he would see them in other places apart from preschool and he thought it was HIS!

He still thinks (aged four and a half) that his magazine is written for his benefit and for him to announce which movies we will take him too, which activities we will plan and which toys we will buy and which books we will read.

Now he is recognizing letters and numbers (and almost words) he likes read it to us

Prudence Thomson, Manager, ACCENT Health Recruitment

Optica Parakito prize

Comment from a donator of prizes……

We ran a competition for Para’Kito with both Family Times and the Little Treasures Magazine. The promotion featured on the publishers websites, with entrants being directed to our website to enter.

We were very happy with the response from The Family Times competition which resulted in nearly 30% more responses.
Richard Bruce, Optica Accessories




You could enjoy the same results as our advertisers…

“Black Cat Cruises have a trusting and long standing relationship with Family Times. We are a regular advertiser, having run numerous effective promotions and campaigns that have exceeded our expectations. They work very hard to satisfy both the advertiser and consumer. It is a go-to publication for families and a key title for us to reach our local target market.”

Natasha Lombart, Black Cat Cruises


“The Reading Eggs brand print ad has performed very well for us achieving 80 free trials and 6 subscriptions to date delivering about 15% ROI to date. This is the highest result our company has achieved from all are NZ print ads campaign, some of who we have been advertising with for many years now. We look forward to working more closely with Family Times in the future.”

Kate McLennan, Marketing Manager- B2C


Over the years Winnie Bagoes have advertised in many publications, but recently we advertised our Pizza School with Family Times and were blown away with the results. We had a minimum of 2 bookings per day over the entire school holidays as well as ongoing bookings throughout the term. That’s a great result and really shows us that we can’t afford not to be in Family Times.Thanks.

Mike Knowles, Winnie Bagoes, Ferrymead


“I am so happy with the results of my advertising in Family Times. I get great results with every one. It’s the perfect market for my products. Thanks Family Times!”
Ann Worthy, Photoworthy Images


Jane, the ad your team did up for me is spot on!!! Fantastic, you are such an easy company to work with and I complement you again on how easy and well you work with your customers.Thank you,

Bronwyn Harris, Pony Parties Ltd


“I find that advertising in Family Times is extremely successful and excellent value for money. We always get a wonderful turnout at our school holiday events, thanks to the advertising we do with Family Times.”

Bush Inn Centre, Angela Krom


“We held a Staglands colouring competition during the September school holidays and promoted this through a number of medians, including Family Times, and we measured the results. The competition was a great success and although the majority of entries came via downloading from our website, the next was from our advertising with Family Times (19% of all entries). Family Times proved to be more popular than all other print advertising.”

Staglands Wildlife Reserve, Sarah Smits, Marketing Manager


“The Christchurch Art Gallery advertised with Family Times recently. We surveyed the results obtained from this advertising and it was clear that the vast majority of those attending our children’s holiday programme had read about it in the Family Times. It was overwhelming – the programmes were fully attended every day.”

Christchurch Art Gallery, Lana Coles, Education Programme Team Leader


“Wellington convervation attraction ZEALANDIA has advertised with Family Times for 5 years and has found it to be an effective channel for reaching the family market. For the first time last year we entered into an annual advertising contract. The quarterly ticket giveaways are particularly effective in raising awareness about ZEALANDIA as a family destination.”

ZEALANDIA, Alan Dicks, Marketing & Communications Coordinator


“Every month we have a very successful rate from our adverts that we place in the Family Times. We are able to track this through our telephone system, and can mea­sure the response from the advert placed. From the last advert placed, in the winter issue of Family Times we had an average of 14 calls per month, which is a very good call response rate when compared to some other publications that we advertise in”.

Tourism Holdings Limited – Rentals Narelle Clayton, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator


“We (the Christchurch Gondola) ran a series of adverts in five local publications, including Family Times. To measure the effectiveness of each medium, we created a cut-out coupon allowing readers to enjoy a 50% discount off our Family Pass. We received over 500 coupons back, 146 of these were from a City Council school holiday brochure, but in second place we received 110 from Family Times. I was very impressed by this result as I had expected other leading newspapers to vie for the top positions and was pleasantly surprised that Family Times came up ‘trumps’. Based on this outcome, we will happily and confidently, include Family Times in our advertising campaigns for future local promotions. I would like to personally thank Robyn and her team for their support and wish them all the best for a busy year ahead!”

Christchurch Tram & Gondola, Raina Roberts, Sales & Marketing Manager


“I just wanted to write and tell you how successful our recent advertising in the Christchurch Family Times has been. This is the first time we have used the publication and I am very impressed with the results it has provided so far. Promoting Scouting has proven difficult in the past, however as the paper is given directly to children at schools it reaches our primary target market directly. The paper also appears to be well read by parents. As we have discussed, I am keen to discuss booking space in your next issue as well as expanding our advertising to include Dunedin”.

Scouting New Zealand, Mike Blackburn, Regional Manager


“Thanks for your help and information. It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for your services as an advertiser. Both times ‘Imagine Children’s Theatre’ has advertised shows in The Family Times (in the Christchurch Winter issue 2007 and the Dunedin Spring issue) we have had many enquiries from those advertisements and our market surveys have revealed that in both cases, The Family Times was an extremely effective way of advertising.”

Imagine Children’s Theatre, Helen Moran, Director


Such is the nature of Ready Set Go’s activity packs, that print ads of the size we can afford have minimal impact as they do not convey enough information for parents. ‘No problem!’ said Shona from Family Times. ‘What about brochure inserts?’ I was skeptical but the price was right. Then Shona’s coup de grâce: ’Of course, we’ll direct bundles containing your brochure to pre-school organizations.’ Our target audience – sold!

That was September 2007 and the orders rolled in till Christmas. Now look out for Ready Set Go’s brochure in Family Times’ April 2008 issue. With such a success rate and the friendly, enthusiastic support of Robyn’s team, Family Times is a sure bet for our advertising spend.

Penny Tattershaw, Managing Director, ReadySetGoLearn.com


“The photo of the cake and the direct advertising to the parents has really worked for us. Sometimes mothers save the advert and call when they are ready to book a birthday party. We have found that Family Times has given us a brilliant response.”

Beadz Unlimited Ltd, Rowena Watson