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WIN! 1x Brave Kahu and the Pōrangi Magpie, by Shelley Burne-Field

Poto is the perfect fledgling – the apple of her father’s eye and a natural at hunting and flying. Anything a kāhu is supposed to be good at, Poto can do best of all. She can’t understand why her sister Whetū gets cross with her – it’s not her fault she’s good at everything! As for her baby brother Ari, he’s so weird and annoying.

Brave Kāhu and the Pōrangi Magpie is a cracking children’s adventure story in the vein of Watership Down. Aimed at 7-12 year olds, it is set in a beautiful (fictional) South Island setting. Poto is a rascally main character kids will relate to –  confident and cheeky, loving and kind – but also at times blinded by her own arrogance and belief that she should always be the boss!

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