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Winter wellness tips and tricks

Winter wellness (640x480)Staying warm, well and safe in winter takes a bit more effort than in sunny summer months. We’ve got some tips to keep your family on track during winter’s icy grip.

Family health

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• Vitamin C – during winter, when vegetables and fruits high in the immune-boosting vitamin are scarce, you may need to take regular vitamin C supplements to support body tissue growth, healthy blood vessels, strong bones and teeth, and to ward off winter influenza.

• Flu injection – if you haven’t already, consider getting a flu injections for you and your family. It may even be free – enquire with your local GP.

• Dress warm – kids will fight it and swear they’re not cold, but make sure they’re wrapped up snug even inside the house to help prevent the onset of coughs and colds.

• Hand sanitiser – give the kids small bottles for school, and make sure they use it – this will help stop the spread of germs that result in winter illnesses.

Family home

• Insulation: A snug, cosy and warm environment is crucial for winter wellness. Consider insulating your home if you haven’t already. Check out EECA Energywise grants – you may be eligible for a subsidy towards insulation and an energy efficient heatpump.

• Open windows. It’s important to do this regularly – every day – to prevent dampness and mould that create an unhealthy environment.

• Draught stoppers. Invest in door sausages for internal doors, v-seal around windows and doors, and draught stops for under external doors to stop heat escaping.

Winter driving

• Driver slower. Drive slower than you normal would. It only takes a split second to lose control in wet or icy conditions.

• Avoid quick movements. Avoid sudden braking or turning movements that could cause you to skid. Instead, accelerate slowly and brake gently.

• Safe distance. Drive at a safe travelling distance because it takes longer to stop on a slippery road, especially in poor weather. Double the two-second-rule.

• Drive to conditions. When travelling in fog, rain or snow, drive with your lights dipped for increased safety.

• Plan your journey. Consider if you really need to travel, especially if the weather is very poor. Always check the weather forecasts and road conditions, and think about which route to take. Choose safety over convenience.

Community minded

• Don’t hibernate. We all have tendencies to snuggle up in our homes in front of our televisions until spring temperatures start to kick in. But getting out and about has benefits. When the sun is shining, wrap up warm and take the kids out for a bike ride to the park. They’ll get rid of excess energy, and you’ll all feel better for the excursion.

• Invite people over. If you really don’t want to leave the safe haven of your snug winter home, invite family members or friends over for a potluck lunch or dinner. Company has a way of lifting our moods and a warm winter meal is always a winner.

• Plan activities. Make a concerted effort to plan things to do outside of the house, whether it’s a simple Saturday morning grocery shop or trip to the movies.

• Winter sports. Encourage your kids to get involved in a winter sport, or even get involved yourself. Keeping moving in winter is crucial to health.

Me time

• Schedule in personal time. It can be tricky to do when the kids are inside, but try to find a quiet corner, read a book, draw a bath or have a nap.

• Start a hobby. Winter is the perfect time to take up a new personal interest. What about scrapbooking, knitting/crochet or exploring some new hearty and healthy winter recipes? You could even take an online language course or explore learning about topics that are of interest to you.

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