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’Working’ from home?

Struggling to get through your work and spend quality time with your family? MASH after school care or holiday programmes could be the answer.

Over the last 12 months, the workplace landscape has dramatically shifted, and a large number of employees now find themselves working from home at the kitchen table.  

Are you one of the ‘lucky’ ones? Do you get to work from home now? If you are, and you have children, and it’s working for you, then woohoo! But, if you are, and you have children, and it’s not, then that can be pretty challenging! There’s not only the pressure of work and meeting your targets but also your wee cherubs at you because they’re hungry, or thirsty, or want you to play with them or feel that you are ignoring them (darn work). So what do you do? Do you turn on the TV for the day or plug them into a tablet?  

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What if there was a place where they could go, either after school or in the school holidays, where they were entertained and occupied in a fun, safe and affordable way? You’d then want to know that such a place had awesome staff who interacted with your children and had a good laugh or two as well.

If that’s what you want for your children, instead of getting square eyes from the TV or overuse syndrome on their thumbs from their devices, then you need to look at MASH.

At MASH, your children will get to take part in fantastic, planned on-site activities, free afternoon tea (if enrolled after 3pm) and go on fantastic excursions in the holidays.


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