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Much Ado About Shakespeare

Much Ado About Shakespeare By Donovan Bixley Upstart Press Paperback $34.99 A light-hearted telling of the life of William Shakespeare, told in short, entertaining paragraphs, matched with quotes from his work. The text is paired with splendid full-page illustrations full of action, showing Shakespeare as a real individual, living a busy life; his youth, marriage […]

Golden Kiwis

Golden Kiwis By David Riley Reading Warrior Paperback $30 Read about every Kiwi who has ever won a gold medal at the Olympics. Begin with some Olympic history and New Zealander Leonard Cuff, who was a founding member of the International Olympic Committee and ensured New Zealand a place at the games. In chronological order, […]

All About Theatre

All About Theatre National Theatre Walker Books Hardback $29.99 An intriguing look into theatre and how it is made; from script to stage, costumes, props, actors, directors, producers and others involved with each production. Read about some of the great shows, the people involved and the jobs they do at UK’s National Theatre. Fabulous design […]

Hour of the Bees

Hour of the Bees By Lindsay Eagar Walker Books Paperback $18.99 Carol is mad that she has to spend the summer on her grandfather Serge’s derelict Mexican ranch. Serge reputedly has dementia and the family is there to pack up and move him to a rest home. Carol is plagued with bees that no one […]


George By Alex Gino Scholastic Hardback $36.99 Everyone thinks George is a boy, but she knows that really she is a girl. When the class reads Charlotte’s Web and plan to perform it as a play, George desperately wants to be Charlotte, but is told that a boy cannot play that part. After George bravely […]

Cool Nukes

Cool Nukes By Des Hunt Scholastic Paperback $18 Max and Jensen are high achievers who have weekly maths tutoring from Professor Mayhew. But when Professor Mayhew disappears in a very public way, the boys – joined by classmate Cleo – try to work out what has happened, and follow his clever clues to create his […]

Clementine Rose and the Ballet Break-In

Clementine Rose and the Ballet Break-In By Jacqueline Harvey Random House Paperback $17.99 Clementine Rose is in Year 1 at school and there are the usual dramas with difficult friendships and bully boys. But at last she is going to have ballet lessons, along with some of her friends. They practice to perform Peter and […]

The Road to Rattenburg

The Road to Rattenburg By Joy Cowley Illustrated by Gavin Bishop Gecko Press Paperback $19.99 After their home is destroyed, Spinnaker Rat and his wife Retsina, decide to take their four ratlets to find the utopian Ratenburg. Accompanied by the very annoying Roger, claiming to be a pirate rat, they face many dangers they have […]