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Meet NZ’s Wildlife Big 5

Close encounters of the ‘wildlife kind’ are a Willowbank trademark. Meet New Zealand’s Big 5 with the Kiwi, the cheeky Kea, the ancient Tuatara, our bush parrot the Kaka and the very rare Takahe. Feed the wild eels and make friends with the livestock breeds unique to New Zealand. Listen to the kiwi as it […]

Recreation on the River

Built in 1882 to provide recreation river experiences for a young Christchurch, the Antigua Boat Sheds, with on-going thoughtful restoration, essentially serve the same purpose 130 years on. The Boatsheds is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Christchurch. Located beside the Avon River, close to Christchurch Public Hospital, the Antigua Boat Sheds were built […]