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Giving it a go

Head of the Centre for Innovation at St Margaret’s College, LINDA CHONG speaks fervently about inspiring girls to ‘give it a go’ when it comes to technology and innovation. By KATE BARBER The astounding pace of technological change means that many of the jobs that young people will do in the future have not yet […]

How teeth affect face shape

A common question GRAHAME DUTTON of Duxton Dental gets asked is about the shape of children’s faces – and how teeth influence the jawline. Generally, at primary school our kids have a convex profile with the forehead and chin sitting behind the nose or mid face. As they grow, their faces get straighter as the […]

No more nasties!

MIKE HAMEL from GM Hair Gallery has created hair products that are safe for your whole family to use. The Mike Haircare range has been formulated to make hair stronger with increased protection, while caring for your hair and the planet. As well as being 100 per cent sulphate and paraben free, you can reduce […]

Increasing your daily joy

Stay-at-home mum of three and occupational therapist RACHEL McFEDRIES has been on a ‘Joy Spotting’ mission lately – intentionally seeking out and taking notice of small pockets of joy. A few months ago I watched a TED talk that was doing the rounds. In a brightly coloured dress, the speaker, Ingrid Fetell Lee, seemed to radiate joy. […]

Pets on holiday

There are over 400 pet-friendly holiday homes in the Bachcare collection, and with new homes added daily to their website, there’s more choice than ever to find the perfect holiday home for you and the pooch. As the pet-friendly experts, Bachcare’s new search filters now show which of their homes allow pets to stay inside, […]

Raising a child-friendly dog

It’s so important to raise dogs to be great with kids – particularly if you have children, or plan to one day! Here’s my list of the top things you can do to help your dog get along with – and love – kids.  By MARK VETTE Puppy love If possible start with a puppy. […]

Booze on the brain

KATE BARBER talks with neuroscience educator NATHAN WALLIS about the long-term damage that alcohol does to the teenage brain. From fighting in the streets and burning couches, to domestic violence and drink driving, the disturbing images of New Zealand’s binge-drinking culture are all too familiar. For parents of adolescents they present a frightening spectre. Beyond […]

Simplifying life with routine

As a full-time working mum, LEANNE BAKER knew she needed a system to help her keep her household running smoothly. Now she helps other parents establish routines that work for them. As a mum of two boys (aged five and eight) there are many times I’ve felt completely overwhelmed by the tasks I needed to […]