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10 questions with Suzy Cato

Children’s television icon of the 1990s, SUZY CATO, is back to entertain a whole new generation of young people with The Totally Awesome Kiwi Kids Album, as well as their parents with the Double Strength Mama Power podcast series. KINETA BOOKER caught up with the Kiwi legend. How different are you now from before you […]

Coconut banana bread mini muffins

Made by CATHERINE SISSONS, Guilt Free Nutritionist This recipe is from the first of the Guilt Free seasonal cookbooks –  autumn’s Satisfy. Each of this year’s four books, to compliment a different season, are packed with guilt-free breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that will keep you satisfied for longer. INGREDIENTS 1 cup cornmeal flour 2 […]

Me time

Mum of two, FIONA S GILES, believes self-care is essential for any parent. I hurt today. In a good way, I promise. You see, it’s Tuesday, and I take a ballet class every Monday night. I have danced since I was five. It is the one constant love in my life that is truly good […]

Kaikoura encounter

Kaikoura is back following the 2016 earthquake, with lots to offer Encounter Kaikoura is the perfect place to start. If you haven’t visited Kaikoura in a while, it is probably time to head up the road and see why it is regarded as such a special place and popular with so many visitors who travel […]

Unforgettable Rotorua

Create a wonderful holiday experience that the kids will never forget with a Rotorua family escape! Making great holiday memories for our family is important – most of us only get a limited time away from work so, of course, we want to make the most of it – but it’s not easy to please […]

The 2 idiots travel blog

Four reasons why it’s easier to travel with your kids than you might think. Too often, after hearing about our year-long, around-the-world trip with our son, we are asked how hard was it to travel with a toddler. Many parents tell us they would wait for their children to be older before hitting the road. […]

Telly puts kids in obesity hotseat

According to new research, the simple act of switching on the television for some downtime could be making a bigger contribution to childhood obesity than we realise, writes KINETA BOOKER. It’s a tale as old as time, that the less active we are, the bigger we get. But this new research from the University of […]

A parent’s guide to Instagram

Learn more about Instagram and how you can help keep young people safe as they share their life in pictures. Although young people are often digitally savvy, they’re still developing. They may need your guidance on appropriate online behaviours and how to navigate challenges. Netsafe’s research shows that when young people do reach out for […]