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Photographer of tiny humans

One scroll through her Facebook page would melt the hardest of hearts. CASSANDRA ENGLISH is not only an established “photographer of tiny humans” in New Zealand, but she’s recognised internationally for her newborn shoots. KINETA BOOKER chats with Christchurch-based mum of two Cass from Hazel&Cass. You weren’t always a full-time photographer. Tell us about your […]

You’re on the right track

You’ve got a vision of how you want your life to look — you want to do better, be better, live a good life — but often it’s like you’re wandering in the forest without a map, writes KELLY EDEN. We’re bombarded with the successes of others, and sometimes it can be hard not to […]

Online safety parent toolkit

Netsafe is committed to supporting parents, whānau and caregivers as they guide their children through life online – particularly in this rapidly changing world. With Netsafe research showing that New Zealand teenagers are having harmful online experiences at a rate substantially higher than adults, it’s essential parents know what to do, which is why Netsafe […]

The three most important money habits kids need to develop

Check out these three most important money habits your kids need to develop to help ensure a positive and secure financial future.  1. Earn and save their own money. It can’t just be handed to them. Sounds obvious, right? The Bank of Mum and Dad shouldn’t last forever. There is a great sense of pride […]