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Matilda –The Musical

Featuring an all-local cast, including some of New Zealand’s most talented child performers, Showbiz Christchurch promises Matilda will be THE show to see in Christchurch 2022!  Based on the book by Roald Dahl, Matilda tells the story of a little girl with astonishing wit, intelligence and psychokinetic powers. She’s unloved by her cruel parents (The Wormwoods)  […]

Experience family downtime in style at Christchurch’s new Wyndham Garden Hotel

Whether you need a quiet, kid-free staycation, or a break for the whole family, the new Wyndham Garden Christchurch Kilmore Street can offer the carefree – but stylish – city break you’ve been dreaming of. Situated in Kilmore Street, the central location is perfect for parents on a weekend away to take advantage of the […]

Birth order & my baby

NATHAN WALLIS explains that those all-important ‘first 1000 days’ are different, significantly so, for firstborns and later babies. By KATE BARBER The ‘birth order effect’ fascinates us. We talk authoritatively about the traits of firstborns or middle children or ‘the baby of the family’, especially when we recognise these typologies playing out in our own kids. […]

Playing it safe

Around 80 per cent of children aged 8 to 17 years have played online games at some time. The games are entertaining, and kids are drawn to the challenge, but there are some very real risks. Online safety experts, Netsafe, share the practical steps you can take to keep kids safe and where to seek […]

Kids DIY Pinecone Christmas Trees 

Getting out and about to collect pinecones is step one in our Christmassy art project made with Resene Testpot colours. We found our cones alongside the bike tracks at Bottle Lake Forest.  You’ll need:  Pinecones  Small terracotta pots  Paint brushes  Resene Testpots  Pom poms for decorations  Glue  Resene Black White  Resene Goblin (Green)  Resene Roadster […]

Share the joy of free play

Playcentre is all about playing and learning together. We look at some of the benefits of this unique early learning option. For optimal development, our children need responsive, loving relationships, a strong sense of belonging and ample opportunities for self-directed, free play. These are the mainsprings of Playcentre – an ECE/early learning option for children […]

Why children need messy play

NATHAN WALLIS urges parents to recognise the importance of unstructured, free play for young children, and embrace a little mess. By KATE BARBER The idea of ‘messy play’ makes many of us tense up, and others roll their eyes. Those two words threaten to upset the order of our homes, and why do kids need it […]

Stacey Morrison Celebrating Māoritanga

STACEY MORRISON is a familiar face to all New Zealanders, having enjoyed a successful 25-year career in radio and television. Now adding writing to her impressive resumé, she published bestseller My First Words in Māori and co-authored Māori at Home and Māori Made Fun with her husband, Scotty. Her latest book is Kia Kaha: A Storybook […]