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Postnatal depression – more than the baby blues

You’ve just given birth to a bouncing, beautiful, bundle of joy. You should be over the moon, right? Well, sometimes. Plunket says that women often experience a range of emotions – from elation and excitement to times of feeling low, anxious, confused and tearful – in the early days of motherhood. And that’s normal. What’s […]

Holiday sleep tips for wee travellers

Travelling with babies, toddlers or young children can be tricky when it comes to sleep. There are few things to keep in mind when helping your child adjust to sleeping in new environments and time zones, the first being that every child is different. Some children take it all in their stride and easily adjust. […]

Doula vs. midwife

Long gone are the days when your GP looked after your health and that of your baby from your first pregnancy test through to post-natal care. Today, there are many choices when it comes to pregnancy, birth and post-natal care. One of the big decisions expectant mothers have to make is whether they choose a […]

Bonding with Your Baby

You’ve been waiting nine months for this little bundle of joy to come into your life, and finally, after the pain of labour, your precious little one looks up at you in wonder and expectation. What do you feel in that moment? Many mothers describe the experience as “complete euphoria,” surpassing any other feeling of […]

Infant Gastric Reflux– Prevent and remedy reflux

Are you spending your days with your newborn, cleaning up mass posits of milk from the carpet? Doing so much washing because your baby constantly wears that sickly milk smell? Are you finding it hard to find something that really does make your baby feel better by stopping the behaviours of mass reflux? Perhaps you […]

Too posh to push? Caesarean births on the rise.

Caesarean births are on the rise in New Zealand, now accounting for about a quarter of all births. Some of these are emergency procedures, but increasingly women are booking to have elective caesareans prior to their due dates in order to avoid natural labour. Ministry of Health statistics report an increase in elective caesarean sections […]

What to expect in baby’s first three months

Parenthood is a long journey, beginning with the ups and downs of pregnancy and then the big event – the birth of your child. It seems like the hard part is over and you now have a wonderful, adorable bundle of squishy cuteness to love. But then the bundle poops. And it cries. And it […]