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Cyber safety for kids – how not to over-share

As adults, we’re a bit more aware then kids are about the dangers of over-sharing online. But research shows that even though people express serious privacy concerns and fear identity theft, they still tend to reveal their personal details online for small rewards or for the sake of creating their online persona. That danger is […]

Say no to being a bullying victim

Back in the 90s, when PE consisted of a heated bullrush game and the only offence that was frowned upon by teachers was bringing a knife into school, my days as the new, quiet foreign girl were filled with hiding from bullies during lunchtime. I’d come home with the odd black eye and know that […]

Tackling bullying head-on

The clean-cut and smiling image of 13-year-old Daniel Fitzpatrick is haunting now. The New York teenager’s photo was spread across newspapers and websites world-wide last month after he took his own life. He had been mercilessly bullied over a period of months. Worse still, his suicide note claimed that he tried to reach out for […]