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Preparing kids for a new sibling

Whether it’s baby #2 or baby #6, chances are you’re going to have a jealous older sibling on your hands. How your child reacts to going from flying solo to having to share Mum and Dad depends largely on their age and their temperament type. Those reactions range from withdrawal and temper tantrums through to […]

Tips on raising minority-friendly kids

It’s natural for kids to notice differences in a person’s appearance, manner of speaking or ability, and to express curiosity or even fear about them. Most parents can probably share a comparably mortifying moment when their child noticed someone different and expressed it verbally, and loudly: “Look Mum, why does that man only have one […]

The immunisation debate

As Immunisation Awareness Week kicks off in the last week of April, it’s a great time for parents to contemplate their vaccination choices.    This year, 2017, marks the halfway point in the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) – endorsed by 194 member states of the World Health Assembly in May 2012 – which aims […]

Raising a minority-friendly child

We human beings find our identity as part of a group. As much as we want to fiercely believe that we are independent, individual and not led by the crowd, the vast majority of us strive to fit in. We’re a business person, a parent, a certain socio-economic status. We’re a blue-collar worker, a student, […]

How to get your couch kid to exercise

We all know that Ministry of Health guidelines state that your child needs at least 60-minutes of physical activity a day. But what if your child hates exercise? It may be an incredible disappointment to you. You may be a runner, a cyclist, a gym-goer or yoga loving hipster, but your offspring just didn’t seem […]

NZ needs more foster parents

The Vulnerable Children’s Ministry wants to recruit 1000 more foster parents for children who need temporary and long-term care. Foster Care Awareness Week (5-11 March) highlighted the 6 per cent increase in the number of out-of-home placements for vulnerable children (from 4203 to 4435) during the period 30 September 2015 to 30 September 2016. Family […]

Goals – setting your child up for success

We’ve probably all heard the old adage that if we aim for nothing, we’re guaranteed to reach it. Well, the same applies for kids. That’s why goal setting plays such an important role in life. You can set your kids up for success by modelling goal setting for them and teaching them how to do […]

Anxiety – Is your child sick with worry?

Have you got a child who is frequently off school with headaches or a sore stomach? Sometimes there are underlying issues to recurrent illnesses, and it’s important to know if anxiety is causing your child’s symptoms. What is anxiety? Anxiety is our body’s way of preparing us for a challenge when faced with stress, by […]