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Talking birds and bees with your kids

With most young people seeing porn by the age of 17, according to Classification Office figures, ensuring they have access to reliable relationship and sexuality information is essential.  A new online platform hopes to provide just that for both parents and rangatahi.

Why I.T and science are king

We’ve all been taught that reading, writing and arithmetic are the foundation of education. But in today’s world it’s more like HTML, JavaScript and Python. For the non-tech parents out there, these are web coding languages, and they’re languages that your digital native child is likely more fluent in than you are. If they aren’t, […]

Reengaging Kids in Maths

Research over the past few decades shows that kids in the Western world are disengaging from mathematics by middle school (intermediate age) and not regaining that interest. The question is, why? University of Sydney researcher Andrew Martin set out to investigate why kids are switching off to maths in his 2012 report published in the […]

Teaching kids food literacy

Every parent wants to raise a healthy, happy child. But with busy lifestyles, healthy eating can easily take a back seat to convenience. After all, it’s easier to pick up fish and chips for dinner than to prepare a hearty casserole or salad. But the result, according to Garden to Table founding trustee Catherine Bell, […]

A guide to kids’ educational apps

Are your kids really learning, or just playing games? Plenty of app designers pedal their wares as educational apps in order to access the golden family market. After all, parents are more willing to pay for apps that make their kids smarter than they are for mind-numbing game apps. But not every app that purports […]

The must-knows of open-plan classrooms

Open-plan spaces, collaborative teaching models, child-driven learning: an entire education revolution wrapped up in jargon. But what does New Zealand’s push towards a new education model mean for your child? Family Times asks CORE Education Ltd senior consultant Mark Osborne to shed some light. Why is there a push toward open-plan classrooms? We use research […]

Special needs education in the spotlight

Imagine being told that your child won’t receive the education they need. You know they’re going to struggle in a classroom in which they can’t understand, communicate or relate to others on the same level and that their educational experience will be severely impacted. It’s a scenario reminiscent of Soviet–era orphanages, but we’re talking about […]