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Magrit By Lee Battersby Walker Books, $22.99 Magrit is nearly 10. She lives in an abandoned cemetery and her only friend and advisor is Master Puppet, a skeletal creature she built who sits overlooking the graveyard. When a baby is dropped in the graveyard Magrit cares for him, but what will happen when he wants […]

Raymie Nightingale

Raymie Nightingale By Kate DiCamillo Candlewick Press $22.99 Ten-year-old Raymie’s father has run off with a dental hygienist, but she has a plan to lure him back – become Little Miss Central Florida Tire and when her father sees her photo in the paper he’ll return. In preparation, she and two friends are learning to […]

What Dog Knows

What Dog Knows By Sylvia Vanden Heede & Inge Bergh Illustrations: Marije Tolman Gecko Press, $19.99 Respectable Dog and his unruly cousin Wolf are back! As well as the hilarious interactions, Dog and Wolf also bring us knowledge. Dog knows lots about knights, dragons, dinosaurs, skeletons, robots and so much more. Wolf has some wild […]

Lily the Elf: The Wishing Seed

By Anna Branford Illustrated by Lisa Coutts Walker Books Paperback $10 Lily the Elf: The Wishing Seed: Lily the elf lives with Dad and Granny under a bridge in the city. She has broken her dress-up crown and wishes on a dandelion seed for a princess crown, then waits, not very patiently. Granny advises “fixing […]

What Ever Happened to Milo?

By Claire Bunt Illustrated by Philip Webb Arthur Publishing House Hardback $29.95 What Ever Happened to Milo?: Milo the cat tells a young kitten about the days of his youth, when he went on a yachting holiday with his family and met his seagull friend Solly. The pampered cat has to learn to fend for […]

The Cat with the Coloured Tail

By Gillian Mears Illustrated by Dinalie Dabarera Walker Books Hardback $24.99 The Cat with the Coloured Tail: The cat with the coloured tail travels with Mr Hooper in his moon-like ice-cream truck selling magical moon creams that change colour according to who the recipient is, specialising in bringing joy to those who are sad. Their […]

The Cleo Stories

The Cleo Stories: The Necklace and The Present By Libby Gleeson Illustrated by Freya Blackwood Allen & Unwin Hardback $22 These stories are perfect for little girls beginning to read, with their warm setting and the sweetly individual Cleo and her everyday problems. Cleo desperately wants a pretty necklace like her friends, but her parents […]

The Year of Billy Miller By Kevin Henkes Greenwillow Books Paperback $16.99 Hardback $29.99 Billy Miller is nervously heading into second grade and he’s not sure that he’s up to it after a nasty bump on the head. This book is in four parts, focusing on the important people in his life – teacher, father, […]