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Kids say the funniest things

Just when you’re not expecting it, kids say the funniest things. Here are a few wee tidbits to tickle your funny bone. Ice queen “C’mon Elsa! Get it together!” My almost 3-year-old said this to her doll who kept falling over. Role play I sat down with my 3-year-old daughter who was playing at her […]

When other people judge your parenting

Nothing stings quite so much as your parenting skills being judged, and these days, everybody seems to be a parenting expert. Perhaps it’s the over-abundance of parenting books and programmes available, the blogs and the websites, but everyone (singles included) seem to feel they have a right to tell you that you are too strict, […]

Tackling bullying head-on

The clean-cut and smiling image of 13-year-old Daniel Fitzpatrick is haunting now. The New York teenager’s photo was spread across newspapers and websites world-wide last month after he took his own life. He had been mercilessly bullied over a period of months. Worse still, his suicide note claimed that he tried to reach out for […]