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Say no to being a bullying victim

Back in the 90s, when PE consisted of a heated bullrush game and the only offence that was frowned upon by teachers was bringing a knife into school, my days as the new, quiet foreign girl were filled with hiding from bullies during lunchtime. I’d come home with the odd black eye and know that […]

Raising a resilient preteen

The world is so PC these days…no seriously, I remember when bulrush was just another playground game, and getting my ponytail pulled by some prankster from behind me was not punishable. Now we’ve removed boundaries for kids and have replaced them with regulations, because God forbid a child might be traumatised. Instead of teaching our […]

When parents split

Ahh, the tough topic. Look, I won’t bother you with theory or lectures –when parents split it’s the worst, but the decision has been made. So now what? Think of the children! Your preteens are going through a tough time as it is. Parents splitting up adds to the pressure so with any anger that […]