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Science fun with under 5s!

Sometimes we think that our littlies are too young to understand science. But it’s not just the big school kids who get to have all the fun: we have a great experiment to encourage scientific thinking in your little ones. Water displacement Water displacement was first used as a method for measuring solid objects that […]

The Science of Christmas

We may not have the snowflakes, chimney (well most of us in Christchurch don’t anymore!) or the appropriately attired Father Christmas, but we do have a uniquely Kiwi Christmas. Here are a few science-based facts on Christmas to share with your kids (or colleagues). 1.    Father Christmas would have to fly at 2092.147km a second […]

Why I.T and science are king

We’ve all been taught that reading, writing and arithmetic are the foundation of education. But in today’s world it’s more like HTML, JavaScript and Python. For the non-tech parents out there, these are web coding languages, and they’re languages that your digital native child is likely more fluent in than you are. If they aren’t, […]

The science of magic

What’s the difference between magic and science? Not much! In fact, all magic tricks are based on scientific principles. Scientists aren’t very good at keeping secrets though – the processes of what they’ve done are often just as important as the answers they discover. Here are a few magic tricks that we can explain to […]

Banana choc-nut cookies

banana choc-nut cookies

These banana choc- nut cookies are a great thing to make with the kids because you can talk to them about the science involved in the rising process, which is a little different to other cookies.  In this recipe, the baking soda reacts with the acid in the bananas to make the cookies rise – […]

Science at home – ocean zones in a jar

Did you know that two thirds of the earth is ocean and that all life originated there? The ocean is an incredible place, filled with huge ecosystems and a plethora of different species – many of which haven’t even been discovered yet! The evolution of many species has a lot to do with the environment […]