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The must-knows of open-plan classrooms

Open-plan spaces, collaborative teaching models, child-driven learning: an entire education revolution wrapped up in jargon. But what does New Zealand’s push towards a new education model mean for your child? Family Times asks CORE Education Ltd senior consultant Mark Osborne to shed some light. Why is there a push toward open-plan classrooms? We use research […]

Science at home – ocean zones in a jar

Did you know that two thirds of the earth is ocean and that all life originated there? The ocean is an incredible place, filled with huge ecosystems and a plethora of different species – many of which haven’t even been discovered yet! The evolution of many species has a lot to do with the environment […]

Special needs education in the spotlight

Imagine being told that your child won’t receive the education they need. You know they’re going to struggle in a classroom in which they can’t understand, communicate or relate to others on the same level and that their educational experience will be severely impacted. It’s a scenario reminiscent of Soviet–era orphanages, but we’re talking about […]

How to not spoil your kids

Spoiled – the word makes most parents cringe. It’s taboo in the realm of what most consider “good parenting.” Yet, as the old adage goes, the road to (parenting) hell is paved with good intentions. The best of intentions can land any well-meaning parent in the difficult position of dealing with an entitled child. After […]

How to parent as a team

To parent as a team, you need to realise that the health of your relationship really impacts your kids. In fact, when I was recently asked for a list of my top parenting tips, I placed “put your spouse first” right near the top. “What? Love your partner ahead of your kids!?” It’s not a […]

What is dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism?

Dyslexia The Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand (DFNZ) has a broad spectrum view of dyslexia. Common themes are that it is an alternative or atypical way of thinking; that it has a proven neurobiological basis; and that it occurs across a range of intellectual abilities. The actual definition used by DFNZ is: “A specific learning […]

Parental control apps/software for smart phones

Android phones Vodafone Guardian Vodafone Guardian is a free Android app for mobile customers that lets you decide who can call or text message your child, when they can use their phone and whether they can browse the web, download apps or use the camera. You can set the phone to only accept calls from […]