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Parental control apps/software for smart phones

Android phones

Vodafone Guardian

Vodafone Guardian is a free Android app for mobile customers that lets you decide who can call or text message your child, when they can use their phone and whether they can browse the web, download apps or use the camera. You can set the phone to only accept calls from friends and family, block apps like YouTube, and choose who your child can receive text messages from. Visit www.vodafone.co.nz.

Apple iOS – iPhone, iPod Touch

McAfee Family Protection ($49.95)

This parental control software has unique media filtering and advanced activity reports. Visit home.mcafee.com.

iOS free settings

Maybe your kid spends way too much time browsing the internet via Safari, uses the camera in ways that are not appropriate, or perhaps they went on a spending spree in the App Store and you didn’t know until your credit card bill came in the mail. Whatever the case may be, find out how to regain some parental control by enabling restrictions. Visit www.imore.com for more information.

Symbian (Nokia phones)

Kaspersky Mobile Security ($29.95)

You can block dangerous and phishing websites, as well as filter unwanted calls and text messages with this software. Visit www.antivirus365.net.

Windows Mobile 7

With Mobile Parental Control, you can set Windows parental controls anywhere, at anytime, via your smart phone. You can set specific log on time limits and the specific time duration, amongst other things. Visit sites.google.com/site/millicloudworkshop/moparco for more information. You can also use this software for you PC.

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