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Etiquette guide to kids’ birthday parties

Kids’ birthday parties are simple affairs, right? A few balloons, a cake, presents, and done! But what about the adults? Once your kids are old enough to spend time around other kids—whether it’s at preschool or school—you can expect one thing to pop up like clockwork: birthday party invitations. They just keep coming and coming […]

Managing a toddler and a new baby

It can seem overwhelming, the thought of managing your active toddler and bringing home a new baby. Of course, there are the sleepless nights and managing breastfeeding, but many times too your toddler may take time adjusting to the introduction of a new family member, given that they have been the sole sum of your […]

The challenge of multiple births

It’s easy to peer into a pram at the supermarket and ooh and ahh over a set of adorable twins dressed in matching outfits. While we fawn over the cuteness of it all, we must admit to smiling sheepishly at the mum of multiple births and wondering, how on earth does she do it? Having […]

Winter wellness tips and tricks

Staying warm, well and safe in winter takes a bit more effort than in sunny summer months. We’ve got some tips to keep your family on track during winter’s icy grip. Family health • Vitamin C – during winter, when vegetables and fruits high in the immune-boosting vitamin are scarce, you may need to take […]

Tips for Christmas savings

Your Christmas event may not look very traditional, but traditions are simply things that become more significant and meaningful the more times you do them. Feasting is surely the best tradition in any culture. It’s also one of the most expensive, especially at Christmas when budgets stretch to the maximum. Kiwis are inclined to shop […]

Teach your kids to save money

Growing up, my mother and father had a beer bottle that they would put their loose change into. My parents, my brother and I would lay newspaper on the dining room table once it was full. My brother and I would take turns to empty the contents, then we would all sit around the table […]

Reengaging Kids in Maths

Research over the past few decades shows that kids in the Western world are disengaging from mathematics by middle school (intermediate age) and not regaining that interest. The question is, why? University of Sydney researcher Andrew Martin set out to investigate why kids are switching off to maths in his 2012 report published in the […]