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Sensing baby

Teacher, writer and parent MIRIAM MCCALEB shares her insights into how Baby senses her world, and invites parents to meet her neurobiological needs by carving out time together and letting the senses reign. Babies are born with incomplete brains. Many of us have received that memo, either through parenting magazines like Family Times, through the […]

Clowning around

These school holidays The Court Theatre has a real treat in store for kids. Written and directed by DAN BAIN, A Paintbox of Clowns is the ultimate silent show for loud children. Filled with slapstick, clowning and physical comedy, A Paintbox of Clowns will entertain and enchant all ages without the stars saying a single […]

Out of control

KATE BARBER reflects on her parenting values after attending a presentation on ‘Guiding Children’s Behaviour’, by Australian child psychologist, DR LOUISE PORTER. With two wonderfully wilful young girls, the title of Louise Porter’s seminar appealed. Looking around, it clearly spoke to the concerns of many others. In her presentation Louise examined two styles of parenting, […]

Smooth transition

MICHELA HOMER from BestStart Educare shares some suggestions for helping to make that transition into a new early childhood centre a smooth and happy one – for your child, and for you. SETTLING IN  Settling-in visits allow your child to get familiar with the new adults, children and environment at a new centre, secure in […]

Curriculum curiosity

KATE BARBER delves into Te Whāriki, the New Zealand curriculum for early childhood. I first encountered Te Whāriki, the New Zealand early childhood curriculum, when my eldest started Playcentre. I perceived it then as something that the Coordinator (or teacher) had knowledge of and responsibility for – something they would use to plan the sessions, […]

New training resource for SunSmart

An online training module is helping early childhood educators keep young children protected from the sun year-round. As any parent or teacher knows, outside play is an integral part of a child’s education. Of course, alongside this, it is imperative to keep our young children safe. The Cancer Society of New Zealand has developed an […]

Struggling at school

DEBORAH WARD considers the challenges facing children with learning difficulties, and the ways parents can support them. Sending our children to school is a huge step for us as parents – almost as big a deal as it is for the kids themselves! We want our offspring to enjoy themselves as they master the basic […]

Train the brain

The goal at Train the Brain is to support and empower students with a Specific Learning Disability (SLD), like dyslexia, so that they can function at their optimal potential. Having administered a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment, the team of educators develops an individual teaching plan that addresses a student’s particular processing and academic needs. Options for […]