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Clowning around

These school holidays The Court Theatre has a real treat in store for kids. Written and directed by DAN BAIN, A Paintbox of Clowns is the ultimate silent show for loud children.

Filled with slapstick, clowning and physical comedy, A Paintbox of Clowns will entertain and enchant all ages without the stars saying a single word.

Designed to give children a unique and immersive theatre experience, writer and director Dan Bain has employed traditional clowning techniques in order to create an original theatrical concept that encourages participation of its young audience members.

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Although the art of clowning is a silent one, this show is guaranteed to be loud! Largely reactive in nature, the show’s mischievous trio of clowns will take the audience on a wild, slapstick ride.

From the very beginning, the show invites children to speak up and engage with the performers. Each performer has a personality trait: Red is brave, Blue is smart and Green is hungry. Combining their unique abilities, the three clowns band together to solve problems along with their young audience.

As Dan explains, ‘there’s no fourth wall here. Where there’s audience participation, the performers must be comfortable existing in an open, vulnerable state – accepting anything untoward that an audience might do.’

For Dan, the most important aspect of clowning is naïveté. ‘To the clown, every experience is new and exciting. And, because they’re unfamiliar with reality, it often leads to hilarious misunderstandings and left-field solutions.’

The very nature of silent theatre and comedy relies on simple storytelling and a heightened level of physicality, making it the ideal introduction to theatre for children.

A Paintbox of Clowns runs from 16-28 April
and all tickets are just $10.

03 963 0870  /  courttheatre.org.nz

The Court Theatre is proud to present family-friendly entertainment on the main stage every school holidays. All kids’ shows are recommended for children aged 3-7 and all tickets are just $10 for children and adults. Relaxed performances are special shows for those with sensory needs. Lighting and sound are adjusted, capacity is reduced to allow for freer movement and there is a ‘chill-out’ area in the foyer. There will be a relaxed performance of  A Paintbox of Clowns  on 28th April, 11am.

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