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Soup season

Chef MATT WILKINSON and his wife SHARLEE GIBB know how hectic it can be to cook for the family while juggling work and life. In How it is at Home, they share the honest, fuss-free food that they enjoy with their boys every day. SHREDDED CHICKEN PASTA SOUP Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive […]

Great grands

For those kids fortunate enough to have grandparents in their lives, the benefits are great – reflects KATE BARBER. In today’s world, many families are dispersed about the globe; and so the relationship between grandparents and their mokopuna may be anchored by weekly Skype sessions. But, regardless of whether they live around the corner or […]

Winter wonderland

Queenstown is the perfect place to get kids snow ready for life. The alpine resort, surrounded by majestic mountains and set on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, is New Zealand’s most famous adventure playground. There is plenty on the menu for thrill-seekers like bungy jumping, quad biking, jetboating, and so much more. With winter well […]

Magical Mackenzie

From turquoise lakes, to golden grasslands, to snow-capped mountains, the Mackenzie Region delivers a veritable feast of stunning and varied scenery. Nestled in the heart of the South Island, the Mackenzie Region is renowned for its turquoise lakes, golden grasslands and snow-capped mountains. Far from the bright city lights, the Mackenzie also presents some of […]

Best fun under the sun

In April this year – before the hectic schedule of Dancing with the Stars threw family life into a spin – CHRIS and LINDA HARRIS took their three children Sophie (16) and Phoebe and Louie (both 8) on a short, action-packed break to the sunny climes of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Bursting with activities to […]

All smiles

GRAHAME DUTTON of Duxton Dental considers the advantages of having a great smile, and the costly implications of not correcting crooked teeth. We all know that having a bright smile, with straight white teeth, is an incredible asset when it comes to our appearance. For our children, the advantages are far-reaching – boosting their self-confidence […]

Big worries

Clinical psychologist CATHERINE GALLAGHER helps us to understand anxiety, and how we can best support our children to confront their ‘worry thoughts’. Like all living creatures, we need an alarm system to signal threat. Deep in our brains, a chain of events is initiated that prepares us to fight, take flight or freeze, depending on […]

X-rated exposure

DYLAN WALLS from Aviva Youth Services tackles the tough topic of early exposure to pornography, and offers valuable advice for parents. Pornography is sexually explicit media primarily intended to sexually arouse the viewer, ranging from erotica to snuff movies, with many harmful genres in between. What is deeply alarming is that so many of our […]