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10 questions with Emily Writes

Traditions are great for families, so we’re starting one here at Family Times – asking a parent 10 questions. We get dozens of questions each day from our mini-me’s, so what’s 10 more? This issue, popular author EMILY WRITES is in the spotlight. What do you play loud and proud? My kids are going through a […]

Roll into spring!

Who can resist fresh spring ingredients wrapped in a delicious roll? Enjoy them with a salad or as perfectly parcelled snacks on their own! FRESH PRAWN SPRING ROLLS Serves 4 Prep time: 40 mins INGREDIENTS 8 x 22cm round rice paper sheets 100-150g of rice vermicelli noodles 24 cooked prawns (or 400g of cooked chicken […]

5 myths about a vegan diet

1  It’s expensive If you stick to mostly whole foods, a plant-based diet can be far cheaper than an omnivorous diet. Beans, lentils, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds are for the most part cheaper than animal-based products, and you can find increasingly inexpensive and delicious meat and dairy alternatives in the supermarket. 2  […]

Sparkly planters

Bring some bling and greenery to any occasion. Made by KINETA BOOKER. MATERIALS Terracotta pots Resene Terracotta Sealer Resene Quick Dry – undercoat (small pot) Testpots – undercoat: Resene Dusty Road; Resene Coriander Testpots – Resene FX Metallics: Resene Goldmine; Resene Stun Resene paintbrushes (I used PAL Detail Brush Number 6 for undercoats; PAL Detail […]

Growing fun

Spending time growing things together in the garden is a great way to connect with your child, writes KINETA BOOKER. The day I gave my son his first pair of gardening gloves will stay with me always. His little pair of blue ones were sitting together with my new pair of red ones on the […]

Creating a butterfly garden

It’s the year of the butterfly, and MARIA ROMERO is on a mission to raise awareness of the beautiful monarch through school talks, and teaching people how to create welcoming spaces for butterflies. So much can be learnt from the transformation of the caterpillar into the monarch butterfly by studying and caring for them, and […]

A whole lot of floating fun

As an island nation, we love the water, and there’s so much fun to be had on our oceans and lakes. Adding a boat to the family can make for some  long-lasting memories writes KINETA BOOKER. It’s a memory etched in my mind from the mid-1980s – out in a two-man row boat and catching […]

Surfing with confidence

As one of New Zealand’s most experienced surfing instructors and owner of Learn to Surf, Aaron Lock’s passion is to encourage others to love and embrace the ocean without fear. “It’s easy to get started with surfing, a series of lessons will give your child all the basic skills. All equipment is provided and we […]